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Service & Support

1. Q: Do you also provide the base or LED display structure?
A: Generally speaking, we only supply the display product. For a project product like steel structure, cooling air conditioner, we can supply however the cost is very high considering the shipping and installation. Thus we suggest our valued customer make the structure locally. As a solution provider, we will provide a full set of technical drawing including steel structure, power connection diagram, and system diagram to our customer. The service is FREE. What you need to do is just submit your detailed requirements.

2. Q: Who will install the display?
A:  Our customer would install the sign themselves, with the help of an installation manual provided by LAMP, the instruction of the software is also included in the manual .It’s simple and easy to follow the instruction step by step. However, when the sign’s dimension has reached to 50-70m2, we suggest sending an engineer to oversee the project for you. Of course, you have to afford the cost accordingly.

3. Q: What is the warranty of our full color LED display?
A: We provide two years warranty for our products. That means two years of factory labor and components is provided for free, however the customer should pay for the round shipping cost for broken parts.

4. Q: Are there any software updates for the large led display?
A: Yes, all the software and updated software are provided for free.

5. Q: Does LAMP provide the clients with training to operate the display?
A: Yes. Factory training for operation of the display, both software and hardware, and maintenance method is provide for free. We can also provide on-site training however the additional cost should be covered by customer.

6. Q: What kind of training will be provided to customer?
A: The main contents of training include items as below:
1) The components of led display and the function of each part.
2) LED display work flow
3) LED cabinets installation and dismantle.
4) System operation: Explain the operation of hardware and software.
5) Simple software troubleshooting
6) Simple hardware troubleshooting

7. Q: Is it possible to provide a large full color led display with Audio?
A: Yes. We can provide any large led display with audio. The led display will be provided with a functional card, an audio amplifier,  speakers (1 pair), video/audio switch, tuning equipment and a DVD if necessary. Of course these are optional devices with additional charges.

8. Q: What's the training plan?
A: Factory training
Training time: After aging test and before delivery
Training persons: technician 2 persons

  Training days : 4 days
Application software: 1 day
Computer operation software:1 day
Hardware instruction and troubleshooting:1 day
Practice and question answer:1day
On-site training
Training time : After the installation of led display

Training persons: 2 operators
number of training days : 4 days
 System software of display system : 1 day
Application software of display system: 1 day
The system configuration: 1 day
Simple trouble fixing : 1 day

9. Q: How much for one engineer per day on site for overseas projects?
A:  It is USD 150 per day per person. It excludes the tickets and accommodation from China to the installation site, which are supposed to be covered by customers.