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1. Q: What are the synchronous and asynchronous system?
A:  If the medium is synchronous, then the interaction that occurs takes place in real time. It means the LED display can show the same thing that appears on PC monitor. We have synchronous controller such as LINSN,COLORLIGHT,DBSTAR Delayed, or asynchronous, communication is any transfer of information that is stored or archived and then later accessed. You can store the information into SD card or other storage media. Then take PC away, the program can play automatically. We normally use LYTEC for asynchronous controller.

2. Q: What is the maximum distance between data sending card (or PC) to data receiving card?
A:  CAT-5 cable ≤140m
multi-mode fiber ≤500 m
single-mode fiber ≤10000 m

3. Q: Do you have wireless control system? How to operate?
A: Yes, wireless control is always available when the network supports. You can choose GPRS, CDMA or other communication method.  Wireless data sending and receiving equipment are needed. Please see the connecting diagram.
Wireless System


4. Q: Can laptop computer control the display? How to connect?
A:  Yes. If the laptop computer has DVI interface, then the connection is the same with desktop PC. Otherwise, you need converters to convert VGA signal into DVI.
Laptop Computer Control

 5. Q: What is the controller control size of LED display ?

A: Please find the table as below:
Synchronous (LINSN)
Data sending card 1280 x1024 pixel (801)
2048 x 640 pixel (802)
Data receiving card 160 x 64 (full color and static @16384)
128 x 256 (full color and scanning @ 4096)
Asynchronous (LYTEC) Super com Full color: 640X 80
Dual color: 960 X 128
CL 2005 (ii) Dual color: 1024x 128 (32)
Single color: 1024x256 (64)
CL 2005 (ⅳ) Dual color: 2048 x 64
Single color: 2048 x128
CL 2008 Dual color: 2048 x 256/1024x512

6. Q: How to connect the controllers to led screen ? 
A: It depends on the controllers type.

Connection of LINSN SystemCAT-5 Cable

Connection of LINSN System with Optical Fiber Cable

System Connection with Video Processor

7. Q: What is the difference between Internal data sending card & Outside data sending card ?
A: There are two installation methods about the data sending card: one is installed inside the PC—(called internal sending card); another is installed in one box---(called external sending card).

 8. Q: How to connect Video Processor with other equipment ?
  • A: 

    Please pay attention to the standby UTP interface. This can only receive the signal, and the first UTP interface can both receive and send the signal.