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1. Q: How many packing types of your cargoes?

Export carton
Export carton in wooden Case  
Export carton on wooden Pallet
Flight case

2. Q: Could you provide fumigation certificate for your wooden package?
A: Our wooden package contains no solid wooden material, so no need to do the fumigation certificate for it.

3. Q: What is the Custom duty Tax for LED DISPLAY in each country?
A: According to the Custom Law of each country. It is 0 in China.

4. Q: What is the Custom Code for LED display and LED lighting related product?
A:  LED display 8531200000
LED Lighting 9405409000
LED 8541400000
DMX controller 8543709990 b

5. Q: What is the dimensions for 20ft ,40 ft, 40HQ container?

    Standard Internal Container Dimensions
  (20ft) (40ft)
Internal Length 5.87m 12.00m
Internal Width 2.33m 2.33m
Internal Height:
Standard 2.35m 2.35m
High cube 2.65m 2.65m
End Door Aperture Width: 2.28m 2.28m
End Door Aperture Height:
Standard 2.26m 2.26m
High cube 2.56m 2.56m
Floor area 13.93m2 28.33 m2
Cubic capacity
Standard 32.85m3 66.83 m3
High cube 37.09 m3 75.32 m3
Weight 2.23 tonnes 3.35 tonnes

6. Q: What documents required for Custom declare for export and import?
A:  Export: Packing List, Commercial Invoice, Contract, Verification Form of Export Payment of Exchange
Import: Packing List, Commercial Invoice, Bill of Lading or Air Waybill and other licenses of Import.

7. Q: How much will be FOB local charge in detail?

20ft 40&40HQft 20ft 40&40HQft
ORC/THC 54 82 141 269
Customs Clearance Charge 44 44 44 44
DOC 20 20 20 20
TRUCK FEE 165 190 165 190

ORC: origin receiving charge (applicable to shipments from South China, payable by consignee if not paid by shipper )
THC: terminal handling charge ( applicable at loading ports payable by shippers )

8. Q: How to calculate the weight for those goods with large cubage?
A:  Length (CM)×Width(CM)×Height(CM)÷6000

9. Q: How to calculate the insurance fee for led display if required 110% of the original value of goods?

Insurance fee =
(FOB + Freight) ×110%×Insurance rate
1-110%×Insurance rate

10. Q: How many express courier we used for international delivery?