The world-leading manufacturer of LED display systems

Service & Support

Service Procedure

Pre-Sale Service
1. Investigation on site
2. Professional design
3. Solution confirmation

Process Service
1. Assembly guidance
2. Testing on site
3. Function confirmation

After-Sale Service
1. Speedy Response
2. Timely resolve
3. Safety usage

1. System usage
2. System maintenance
3. Equipment repair and maintenance

Service Details

24 hours service hotline and online service
Including consulting services, Pre-sale designing and drawing, online technical guidance.

Hardware trouble maintenance service
We provide some free accessories (such as power supply, modules, scan card etc. to shorten maintain time)

On-site service
Our professional engineers to assist the installation and system integration.

Technical Training service
We will provide knowledge sharing and technical know how.

Hardware Upgrading service
Guarantee Service- Promise, enthusiasm, speedy
Free maintain service once display in guarantee time, and we only charge raw material cost if display out of guarantee time

Engineer technical service

After service
Periodical maintenance, visiting, opinion survey which makes improvement.

Calibration service
With Radiance calibration equipment and we trained engineer (at cost)

Manual service(We provide series useful Documentation, including)

1. Installation and Maintenance Manual.
2. LED Display System Connection Diagram.
3. Data Wire Connection Diagram.
4. Power Supply Wire Connection Diagram.
5. Software Guidance.