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Case Studies

Australia Sydney bus station LED display


      Linso super slim high resolution, double sides, 3G wireless smart control LED display show up at Sydney bus station

      As a main constituent part of Sydney digital city traffic, the digital smart bus station design and solution is well noticed and acknowledged by the Sydney government. The most important design compartment is the LED digital information distributing platform. After detailed communication with the client and analyzing their requirement, Shanghai Linso offered a solution which apply double sides LED display with different resolution (inside the station, the viewing distance is close, so we apply p4 high brightness LED display of full color. Outside the station, viewing distance is far, we apply P6 outdoor full color LED display) combining the 3G wireless smart control systematic integrity solution. This solution have passed the

      bidding requirement of Sydney government.

      This super slim double sides LED display’s crucial design is applying the best heat dissipation solution so as to have longer life span and good running which can relieve the side affects which caused by the hot weather of Sydney. It also meet the super slim requirement which looks more beautiful and elegant. At the same time, the application of the 3 G wireless smart control system enable the remote control over all LED locating at bus stations of the entire city.

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