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Case Studies

HD LED Screen for Alibaba Headquarter


      Product characteristics:

      seamless splice;high resolution;truly show dynamic image.

      Super wide viewing angle,uniform color,high contrast,bright and clear image.

      There is no limitation for sizes and shapes can be custiomized thematically.

      With high efficiency and stability,long life,low maintenance cost.

      Low temperature operation,energy conversation & environment protection,no noise.

      Low requirements for installation space,support for front and back maintenance,which is convenient and fast.

      Application area:

      Shopping mall, shop window,airport,metro station,exhibition hall,building-selling center,antechamber,studio,night club,stage,theater,meeting room,banquet hall etc


      -2:Model:Indoor HD P3 LED Screen


      -4:Model:Indoor HD P7.81 Dance Floor LED Screen

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