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LED Screen for U.A.E Stadium


      Product Features:

      The angle of the rear support frame can be adjusted and the viewing angle of the display is also adjustable in order to achieve the best viewing effect.
      Pack up the invisible rear support frame,LED stadium screen can be used as a normal LED screen.
      Unique flush-fitting cabinet locking mechanism keeps the whole screen flat with minimal join gaps.
      Using import material as cabinet roof,it can absorb the impact to protect athletes from hurting.
      Unique soft mask design can protect LED screen from football or athletes's impact.
      The entire cabinet is made of lightweight and practical aluminium alloy material.Easy installation and transportation.

      Applications: Football field,Baseball field and other Stadium.LED stadium displays not only have highly advertising value,but also bring perfect live competitive experience.


      Size: 150㎡

      Model:Indoor P10 LED Screen



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