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Indoor Rental LED Screen P2.5


       Indoor Rental LED Display Features:

       High display quality, high contrast, high refresh, high gray level to ensure screen scene clear bright color ;
       Using die-cast aluminum unibod designed cabinets, light weight, ultra-thin, fast to install and remove;
       Support signal lines arbitrary connection direction, meet the cabinets’ different arrangement & placed, to create different effects;
       The new structure designed to meet the lifting, fixed installations, both inside and outside the arc stitching, square shaped cylinder and other shapes;
       Equipped with a variety of air box, convenient for storage and transportation, also with very good protection for led screen;
       Excellent thermal design and thermal performance, low power consumption, low noise, save operating costs;
       Cabinet size is compatible with a variety of spacing modules, meet with your customized requirements.


       Model:Indoor Rental P2.5 LED Screen



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