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YES-V8 LED Display Truck in Australia


      YES-V8 LED Display Truck for Christmas Promotions in Australia

      Mode: YES-V8

      Product Description
      1. LED Screen: It uses imported EPISTAR chips,high level of illumination, long life-span, and high refresh frequency and easy to maintain.
      2. Chassis brand: ISUZU, meets Euro Ⅳemission standard, original imported motor(low noise, fuel efficient ). The cockpit is equipped with air conditioning, CD player, FM and so on.
      3. Generator set:It is specialized designed for YEESO. Lower noise and stable.
      4. Lifting system of LED screen: We use the electric puts as the lifting system, since the synchronization error of two Electric puts is only 1mm.
      5. Vehicle air-conditioner: Its most important function is cooling the LED screen and the generator, also it could well cool the carriage, and provide a very comfortable environment for the staffs. The vehicle air- conditioner also has excellent quake-proof index and waterproof index.
      6. Multi-media Control System:Integrated control cabinet with industrial computer, amplifier, and operation buttons together. The speakers are equipped in the frame of carriage. With it, you could do on-site live recording and broadcasting, television program broadcasting, live karaoke and so on.
      7. Interior space optimization: We offer a free space of 1.6 m × 4.8 m in the carriage. So customers could use it as a reception room, a showroom, or a dressing room and so on.

      8. Two sides LED screens or three sides LED screens are optional.

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