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Mobile Advertising LED Display Truck

product number:YES-V6

      Mode: YES-V6
      Product Description

      1. A perfect advertising truck for mobile advertising uses light truck chassis, great mobility and cost effective.
      2. One side P10 outdoor full color LED screen size 3200mm*1920mm, the other side can be LED or scrolling light box.
      3. 7.5KW extra silence generator inside the van.
      4. Control system includes IPC, software, amplifier, speakers and so on.


      Mobile Advertisng
                       Product Launches                   Exhibitions                   Sports Events                  Trade Shows

      Public Announcing


      Tech Parameter of YES-V6 LED Stage Truck
      Chassis dimension
      Chassis brand Foton Emission level National IV standard
      External dimension 5990mm×2040mm×3100mm
      Total Weight 1959KG
      Wheelbase 3360mm curb weight 4550kg
      Generator power 1.995L/80KW passenger number 2 people
      Mounted LED screen(left side)
      LED screen size 3520mm*1920mm pixel 8mm
      LED Chip R、G、B: Epistar
      LED module dimension 320mm(W)×320mm(H)
      Brightness ≥6500cd
      summit power 1000W/㎡
      Average power comsuption 500W/㎡ life span 100000H
      Scrolling Light Box
      light box dimension 3250mm×1550mm roller diameter 100mm
      motor power ≥80W control system smart control
      light source LED lamp loading prints 6~8 papers
      Single red color LED bar screen and LED rear side screen
      LED bar dimension 3520mm×320mm rear side dimension 1280mm×1440mm
      Pixel 10mm
      Chip Red:Epistar
      model size 160mm(W)×160mm(H)

      Screen hydraulic lifting system
      hydraulic system Hydraulic lifting Lifting height 1500mm
      Super quiet generator
      Brand YEESO External dimension 1540mm×780mm×1070mm
      Power 8KW Power Super quiet 
      gasoline type diesal cylinder number three cylinders, water cooling
      displacement 1.995L cylinder×stroke 84mm x 90mm
      External power source
      input voltage 380V voltage output 220V
      current 50A power average power comsumption: 0.5wh/㎡
      Multimedia control system
      Industrial computer Processor: Core Duo CPU, graphics card: 1G, hard disk: 500G, optical drives: DVD, Memory: 2G Monitor 15 inch LCD monitor
      Power amplifier 200W Speakers 200W
      Control system LINSN/YEESO point by point correcting system

      External frame sturcture and interior decoration
      surface glue white interiar decoration fire proof board
      axle box metal plate welding water proof processing whole truck glue pouring
      fitting options

      1.LED screen resolution(P10、P8、P6)

      2.surface color painting(according to client's request)

      3.Double sides LED screen or Triple sides LED screen.

      4.Hydraulic stage、fence、pedal、ladder processor, air-conditioner

      6,asynchronous control system


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